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Live your healthiest and enjoy your keto lifestyle.


How To Use

Test your ketones quick and easy

Video: How To Use

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Setting up the device

Video: Device Setup

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Sustain Optimal Ketosis Levels

Ketone tracking made easy for everyone...

Ketodoc Ketone and Glucose Blood Meter Kit (Slim)
  • 10 Second Results

    Your time is valuable. You want a device that works for you on every level. Simply power on, take a blood sample and within seconds your results are ready. 

  • Small Blood Sample (0.5 ul)

    You asked, we delivered. Ketodoc ketone meter, maximum ketosis management with a minimal blood sample.

  • Auto Coding

    We’ve taken care of the technicalities so you can focus on your goals.

  • Accurate & Reliable

    Ketodoc will accurately reflect your levels of improving ketosis levels and support their management. 

A new standard for ketone monitoring.

Introducing the brand new and affordable ketone blood monitoring system, courtesy of ketodoc. Whether you're a keto diet novice or a seasoned expert, our device is designed with you in mind. The focus is on an efficient and user-friendly meter, allowing you to manage your ketosis life-style.

Affordable Ketone Strips

At Ketodoc we understand that for the ketone meter to be fully accessible to Users, the test-strip price should be in-line with the needs of regularly managing a ketogenic life-style. This offer is unlimited and brings in one test-strip at less than $1.


It's no wonder people choose ketodoc...

"This device is a real game changer. I tested it on myself and sure enough I tested 1.6. I had my wife test it out who is not on the keto diet and it showed negative for her. Love this device."

"I am very satisfied with the Ketodoc, I spent five days reading reviews and researching the best ketone meter to best suit my needs. Needless to say the Ketodoc was my pick... Love how affordable it is."

"I love how affordable and accurate this meter is!!! It came with clear instructions and so easy to set up!!! Highly recommended for everyone :)"