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The keto diet significantly delays the ageing process

The keto diet significantly delays the ageing process

The human-species, since time in memorial, has striven to lead longer and healthier lives. We don’t want to enter our older years being reliant on medications. Right?

This is one beneficial aspect of the keto diet, that is often over-looked: longevity.


1. Mitochondria

Mitochondria is the process responsible for supplying energy to our body’s cells. Being in ketosis stimulates mitochondria. Rising antioxidant levels protect us from an invasion of oxygen cells. Brain function sharpens, our eyes are bright, we look younger into the bargain!


2. Anti-Aging Diseases

Anti-aging related diseases will impact longevity. The state of ketosis decreases the effects.

Patients of Parkinson’s disease showed positive results after being in ketosis for just 28 days. Further studies demonstrated the cognitive skills of Alzheimer’s patients improved after taking ketone supplements.


3. Skin health

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. As the keto diet is high in oil content, you will notice that skin will become clearer as oil glands release more oil.

For those of you prone to acne, you may experience an outbreak, due to the sebum production of a high fat diet. Please take note that by having higher amounts of insulin in your body, your acne will be worse. The keto diet will lower your usual levels.


4. Mental Health

Good mental health is a great contributor to leading a fulfilled and happier life. Regrettably age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s/dementia are currently on the rise.

The typical western-style diet, which is heavily reliant on carbohydrates, sugar and processed foods has been proven to damage our bodies. Recent studies more directly blame our adopted life-styles as the main factor.

The keto diet is based on sound scientific research. Not only does the keto diet provide individuals with a healthy balanced diet, but it also reduces blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and is a smart way to lose and maintain weight-loss.

The ketogenic diet shouldn’t be overlooked in the fight against anti-aging, as well as the obvious health benefits. If you know someone who could benefit from a ketogenic way of life, show them this article, it could knock years off them!